Saturday, March 18, 2006

International Aerobatic Club

Rank--- Pilot----Tot %pp
1st David Watson 85.51
2nd David Groft 81.00
3rd Andrew Wright 80.79
4th Neville Hogan 80.34
5th Bill Crawford 77.08
6th Kevin Hickling 76.24
7th Karen Greenfield 74.73
8th Birdie Saurenman 71.78
9th Phil Abrams 70.71
10th Craig B. Wisman 70.48
11th Bryan Scheible 67.61
12th William Wilson 64.79
13th Tom Fox 62.96
14th Dennis Thompson 52.99

We had three days of absolutely beautiful weather during the First Annual Pocono Mountains Aerobatic Contest. The event was a resounding success thanks to the teamwork of everyone who attended. I am incredibly proud to be leading this 2 year old Chapter who's members came together to put on one incredible contest.
HUGE Thank You to:
The Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport Authority, Vern and Eric Moyer and all of Moyer Aviation for allowing us to hold our event at their Airport.
Tom Fox for taking on the tremendous task of Volunteer Coordinator. We couldn't have done it without him.
Colleen Fox for being the most organized Registrar ever.

Bob McGraw for keeping our ramp safe and efficient.

John Clipp and Matt Chapman for getting all our aircraft tech'ed thoroughly but quickly.

Ann, Kristen, and Kathleen Fox for running registration and judges line paperwork so efficiently (and when word gets out about how easy the are to look at, we'll get ton's more competitors).

Ray and Lois Rose for driving 6 hours each way to Chief our inaugural contest.

Greg Dungan for flying up to Chief Basic and Sportsman (and give the Rose's a break).

Danny Adams and Aviat Aircraft for devoting the entire weekend to helping Pitts pilots learn about and increase the performance/safety of their aircraft.

Dennie Thompson for building us the nicest hot box panels in the sport.

Joe Fox for transporting all our equipment to/from the contest site.

Phil Abrams for staying on top of our Boundary Judge changeovers.

FAA Monitor Mac Boyd for spending his entire weekend helping and learning about aerobatic contest operations (and we even got him on the judges line as a recorder).

But most of all, all the competitors who volunteered, flew and enjoyed the wonderful fall scenery of the Pocono's.

See you again next year!